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  • Representation of Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples in Film & Television: A Bibliography   Peer Reviewed
    The resources listed are available in the UC-Berkeley library, but many of the books can be found elsewhere.
  • Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies Book Review List  
    Updated monthly, this list of recent reviews of publications on digital culture keeps up with current research in the field.
  • Reverse Shot  
    Reverse Shot is a quarterly online film journal. Full-text reviews, interviews, and articles are fully archived and searchable.
  • Rouge  
    Rouge is an online film criticism and theory journal, founded in 2003, published in Australia, and featuring an international roster of contributors. Fully archived by issue.
  • Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies   Peer Reviewed
    Scope is an online, peer-reviewed journal on issues in film and media studies. It is updated three times a year and has a complete archive of past issues dating to 1999.
  • Screen   Paid Subscription Required
    Screen is an international journal of academic film and television studies, covering both contemporary and historical issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Each quarterly issue combines scholarly essays with reports and debates on conferences and current research, along with book reviews.
  • Screen Site   Peer Reviewed
    The website accompanying Screen-L, a listserv for teachers and students of film and media studies. Includes job listings, conferences, college programs, and syllabi.
  • Screening the Past   Peer Reviewed
    Screening the Past is a peer-reviewed online journal hosted by Latrobe University in Australia. Its primary subjects are the study of film history, the relationship between media and social history, and the history of critical thought on cinema.
  • Senses of Cinema  
    Senses of Cinema is an online journal "devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema." The website features book reviews and articles on the aesthetics of cinema, film genres, and great directors.
  • Sight & Sound  
    The BFI's monthly journal of contemporary film criticism archives past issues with brief descriptions of features and reviews. Selected features are available from all issues since 1999.
  • Sloan Science and Film  
    The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science and Film website hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image "supports the creation of realistic and entertaining stories about science and technology, many of which challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers". The website features full-length digital films, dialogues between scholars and filmmakers, and a selection of articles written by film critics.
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies   Peer Reviewed
    The Society for Cinema and Media Studies is the leading academic organization of film scholars. The SCMS website provides information on the organization, its members, and its quarterly publication, Cinema Journal.
  • Spielberg Film Archive  
    An archive of over 400 films by and about Jews from Israel, America, Europe, and beyond. Many selections from the catalog can be viewed online, but Windows Media Player is required.
  • Synoptique: The Journal of Film and Film Studies  
    This website created by Concordia University includes a searchable archive of past issues.
  • Terms Used in Narratology and Film Studies  
    Basic definitions of narratology and film studies terms.
  • The Académie of the Forum des images  
    The Académie was conceived as an open University for the public. It hosts masterclasses, cinema lessons, and conferences on films and filmmaking conducted by film professionals and theorists. Videos of these programs are archived on the website.
  • The Alliance of Women Film Journalists  
    The Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Inc. (AWFJ) is an association of professional female movie critics, reporters, and feature writers working in print, broadcast, and online media. The AWFJ website keeps an active record of fiction feature and documentary films that are by and/or about women or focus on women’s issues. The online magazine features interviews, profiles, reviews, and essays.
  • The Cine-Files   Peer Reviewed
    The Cine-Files is the online journal of the Department of Cinema Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design. Produced biannually, it is edited by faculty and graduate students.
  • The Criterion Collection  
    Since 1984, the Criterion Collection has been dedicated to gathering important classic and contemporary films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements. The website offers an “online cinematheque” with the possibility to buy or watch films online, film essays, interviews, reviews, top-ten lists, and festivals online.
  • The University Film and Video Association (UFVA)   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    This official website of the University Film and Video Association, an organization of almost 800 professionals and institutions involved in the production and study of film, video, and other media arts, features news, job listings, and information about its programs and publications.