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  • FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    Maintained by the International Federation of Film Archives, this index contains more than 400,000 article citations from more than 330 periodicals as well as an expanding index of television periodical listings until 2000. Entries include bibliographic descriptions, abstracts, and comprehensive headings.
  • Film & History   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    Film & History is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that studies the exchanges between film and history. The journal is affiliated with the American Historical Association and operates under the direction of the Center for the Study of Film and History.
  • Film Comment  
    The website for the Film Society of Lincoln Center's magazine of contemporary film criticism provides a detailed index of past issues. All back issues are available for order and selected articles since 1997 are provided in full.
  • Film Indexes Online   Paid Subscription Required
    Find cast and crew information, synopses, and bibliographies about film.
  • Film Journal  
    The online Film Journal, featuring criticism on both contemporary and classic cinema, makes every article available in full, indexed by title and issue.
  • Film Literature Index   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    An index of scholarly film periodicals.
  • Film Quarterly   Peer Reviewed
    Founded in 1959, the journal Film Quarterly contains in-depth review essays on contemporary cinema as well as an extensive book review section. Issues since Spring 2001 are available for online ordering. The website has tables of contents for issues dating back to Fall 1996, and full-text articles are available through multiple databases, including JSTOR.
  • Film Studies For Free  
    A free web-archive of annotated links to film and moving image studies articles, journals, and resources of note.
  • Film Studies, Manchester University Press   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    Manchester University Press provides abstracts and tables of contents for Volumes 4 to 11 of Film Studies, a biannual journal that "aims to rescue this vital and still young field of study from premature academicism." Online full-text articles are available with institutional subscriptions.
  • Film Topics Bibliography   Peer Reviewed
    Bibliographies about the intersections between cinema and many seemingly unrelated topics, like food, science, and Shakespeare. The resources listed are available in the UC-Berkeley library, but many of the books can be found elsewhere.
  • Film-Philosophy   Peer Reviewed
    An academic journal looking at world cinema, aesthetics, and film studies from a philosophical point of view. An archive is organized by volume, and full-text articles are available from every issue.
    A website with analysis, feature stories, interviews, and historical articles about sound design, with a bibliography, FAQ, a glossary, sound effect libraries, and sections on animation sound, film music, foley artistry, home theater sound, sound clich├ęs, sci-fi films and Star Wars.
  • FlowTV  
    The mission of this online journal of television and media studies is "to provide a space where researchers, teachers, students, and the public can read about and discuss the changing landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves." Past issues may be browsed on an issue-by-issue basis or by author.
  • Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media   Peer Reviewed
    The website for the media journal Framework features a number of free full-text articles as well as a complete index of back issues.
  • Game Studies   Peer Reviewed
    This online journal features articles by scholars from various academic disciplines discussing theories of games and gaming.
  • Gamer Theory  
    Hosted and designed by the Institute for the Future of the Book, this website for media theorist McKenzie Wark's 2007 book explores the possibility of a critical theory of games.
  • Google Scholar   Peer Reviewed
    Search the full text of a wide range of scholarly articles, books, dissertations, and theses. Some resources require subscriptions, while others do not.
  • Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture  
    Images is an online film journal published quarterly. In addition to the quarterly features, new movie reviews are published every week.
  • In Media Res   Peer Reviewed
    In Media Res is dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship. Each weekday, a different scholar curates a 30-second to 3-minute video clip/visual image slideshow accompanied by a 300 to 350-word impressionistic response.
  • International Association for Media and History   Peer Reviewed
    The International Association for Media and History is an organization of scholars "dedicated to historical inquiry into film, radio, television, and related media." The website provides information on current publications by members as well as volume information on the association's journal The Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.