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Online Film and Media Journals

  • Film Journal  
    The online Film Journal, featuring criticism on both contemporary and classic cinema, makes every article available in full, indexed by title and issue.
  • Film Quarterly   Peer Reviewed
    Founded in 1959, the journal Film Quarterly contains in-depth review essays on contemporary cinema as well as an extensive book review section. Issues since Spring 2001 are available for online ordering. The website has tables of contents for issues dating back to Fall 1996, and full-text articles are available through multiple databases, including JSTOR.
  • Film Studies, Manchester University Press   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    Manchester University Press provides abstracts and tables of contents for Volumes 4 to 11 of Film Studies, a biannual journal that "aims to rescue this vital and still young field of study from premature academicism." Online full-text articles are available with institutional subscriptions.
  • Film-Philosophy   Peer Reviewed
    An academic journal looking at world cinema, aesthetics, and film studies from a philosophical point of view. An archive is organized by volume, and full-text articles are available from every issue.
  • FlowTV  
    The mission of this online journal of television and media studies is "to provide a space where researchers, teachers, students, and the public can read about and discuss the changing landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves." Past issues may be browsed on an issue-by-issue basis or by author.
  • Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media   Peer Reviewed
    The website for the media journal Framework features a number of free full-text articles as well as a complete index of back issues.
  • Game Studies   Peer Reviewed
    This online journal features articles by scholars from various academic disciplines discussing theories of games and gaming.
  • History on/and/in Film  
    This website reproduces papers delivered at the Third Australian History and Film Conference, held in Perth in 1985. These essays, many by well-known scholars, represent a diverse array of approaches to the study of film and history.
  • Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture  
    Images is an online film journal published quarterly. In addition to the quarterly features, new movie reviews are published every week.
  • International Documentary Association  
    The official website of the International Documentary Association includes a frequently updated calendar section of upcoming festival and retrospective screenings. The website also offers some online content from the association's magazine, Documentary.
  • International Federation of Film Archives   Peer Reviewed
    FIAF is an international association of film archives dedicated to the preservation of the moving image. Although the actual catalog of associated-archival holdings is only available to paying users, the website also hosts a variety of free information pertaining to film preservation, most notably fully downloadable back issues of the Journal of Film Preservation.
  • International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)  
    The website includes articles from Undercurrent (the Federation's film magazine) and Cinemas of the South (texts on world cinema), as well as festival reports and transcriptions of conferences, readings, and discussions.
  • Japan Focus: An Asia Pacific E-journal   Peer Reviewed
    Japan Focus is a peer-reviewed online journal on subjects ranging "widely across the geopolitics, political economy, history, society, culture, and international relations of the Asia Pacific." The journal regularly features a number of articles on film and media in Asia.
  • Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media   Peer Reviewed
    Examining moving image media and cultures from an explicitly "nonsectarian left, feminist, and anti-imperialist" political stand, the website of the journal Jump Cut provides a chronological, searchable archive with access to full-text essays, reports, and features going back to its first issue in 1974.
  • Kine Weekly Online Index @ The British Cinema History Research Project   Paid Subscription Required
    The Kine Weekly online index covers the period from 1955 through the end of the publication in 1971. Also contains some earlier materials. Password required.
  • Kinema  
    A journal for film and audiovisual media established in 1993 at the University of Waterloo, Kinema semi-annually publishes film and media criticism and reports on international film festivals and conferences.
    A comprehensive site on Korean cinema for English-speaking audiences, featuring synopses, biographies, a bibliography, articles, and events. The articles are written largely by film critics and graduate students focused on Korean cinema, but many English-speaking expatriates living in Korea have also contributed.
  • MCLC Resource Center   Peer Reviewed
    Resource center containing bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture, maintained by Kirk A. Denton at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Ohio State University, in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. Bibliographies are organized by director, time period, reference type, and media type.
  • Mediascape  
    UCLA's journal of Cinema and Media Studies looks at various moving image cultures including film, television, and digital media. Full-text articles are available for all past issues.
  • MedieKultur   Peer Reviewed
    MedieKultur is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal of media and communications studies aimed at scholars, teachers, students, and professionals. It publishes research into mediated communication in various contexts: political, economic, cultural, historical, aesthetic, and social.