Straight Shooting

The righteous heroes and human villains of Budd Boetticher's West
by Matt Zoller Seitz   posted Dec 4, 2008

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Thanks for the catch, Bob, and for the kind words. Boetticher's compositional sense is maybe the very best illustration of the "show, don't tell" principle.
Matthew Seitz   posted 09.12.08

Nice piece, summing up the common elements that make these five films into a vision, as well as focusing on individual examples of how Boetticher's composition and framing do much of the storytelling. The piece is as incisive and economic as a Boetticher film. One catch, though: That was Maureen O'Sullivan, not O'Hara, in THE TALL T.
Bob Cumbow   posted 08.12.08


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Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment
Randolph Scott and Maureen O'Sullivan in Budd Boetticher's The Tall T
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