Silent Light

Frank Borzage at Fox, in the shadow of Sunrise and on the brink of sound
by Michael Atkinson   posted Dec 16, 2008

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Thanks must go to Fox for the incredible DVD set and to Mr. Atkinson for a most illuminating article. For those who suffered through the decades of the "Borzage eclipse," fostered by cynical critics unwilling or incapable of recognizing romanticism as a high and relevant art in the Twentieth Century, it is a miracle to see Borzage masterworks receive just praise. It is also a miracle that LUCKY STAR was rediscovered and restored after 62 years! What's next? Sternberg's CASE OF LENA SMITH? Murnau's FOUR DEVILS? Welles's complete MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS? Stroheim's eight-hour GREED?
John Parker   posted 14.04.09


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Courtesy 20th Century Fox
Janet Gaynor (right) in Frank Borzage's Seventh Heaven
Photo Gallery: Silent Light


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