Shadows of Russia

A history of the Soviet Union, as Hollywood saw it
by Farran Smith Nehme   posted Jan 6, 2010

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Oops, North Star is on the list, my apologies.
Vanwall   posted 10.01.10

To me, it was always sad seeing the didactic thinking in all these propaganda films, from any country, and the easy manner in which the views were flip-flopped 180 degrees, mirrored in real life by the countries involved. The amount of self-delusion is stupendous in the films, but really no different than the leaders of each movement - who would do so much more of it than what was filmed. I think you and Lou oughta do a film festival of Soviet, Nazi and US Studio efforts that all used the same basic plots, for comparison, but the irony would crack the TV screens. Actually, Soviet Thaw films, after Uncle Joe croaked and before Breshnev had himself written into every film of his era, would be a nice counterpoint to the levels of BS shoveled by all the Cold War films. BTW, is "The North Star" on your schedule, or is not skewed towards fantasy enough?
Vanwall   posted 10.01.10


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Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in his film Reds
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January 6-27, 2010 Shadows of Russia


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