Razzle Dazzle, Pt 6: The Takeaway

A six-part video essay about fame and the movies
by Aaron Aradillas and Matt Zoller Seitz   posted Aug 3, 2010

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First of all: great essay on this subject. Part 6 is quite ambitious, but I like it. But I have to admit that it is also very heavy-handed and seems like it could 've been a segment from "Zeitgeist". The MTV-stlye editing and the interwoven images during the speeches are just doubling and therefore weaken the narration, it looks like it tries too hard to get the message across. Kind of the same tricks & techniques the media uses, which could be your intent. But I still feel that it defeats this wake-up call. The speeches from Talk Radio, The Insider (or for example at the end of The Great Dictator) are so powerful and hypnotizing in itself, that a cut or blending into another clip takes away a lot of the energy. Well, apart from that, the rest is really inspiring and top-notch. You should bring this out in combined form on vimeo.
Alex   posted 08.09.12

I had to register to say this is the wittiest, most moving video essay I've ever seen. It's even made me see parts of certain movies in a new light (for one, now I feel like I've never really seen Being There). Great job, guys.
Brandon Nowalk   posted 04.08.10


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