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Cinephile fashions and the hybrid films of Nicolás Pereda
by Michael Sicinski   posted Jul 7, 2011

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Michael: This assessment of the work of Pereda is just downright illuminating and I can't thank you enough for providing a handle to this weekend's upcoming retrospective at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley. My thanks to Girish Shambu for alerting me to this piece. Your cautionary intro should be a must-read for all practitioners in film festival culture. It reminds me of Thomas Elsaesser's warning to me about being too caught up in what's new. Thanks for reminding all of us that critical rigor involves a requisite negotiation with dalliances with fashion that are more often than not only momentum. You inspire me to pause and take a breath in order to see clearly.
Maya   posted 02.12.11


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En Chinga Films
Perpetuum Mobile, directed by Nicolás Pereda
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July 8–14, 2011 The Films of Nicolás Pereda


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