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Revisiting the Oliver Stone biopics Nixon and Alexander
by Kevin B. Lee and Matt Zoller Seitz  posted March 11, 2011
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Oliver Stone will present the extended director's-cut versions of two of his most ambitious and accomplished films, on Sunday, March 13, 2011, at the Museum of the Moving Image. The program will include a screening of a 213-minute version of Nixon, Stone's complex, multifaceted portrait of one of the most fascinating and notorious political leaders in recent American history. Stone will then present Alexander: Revisited, a dramatically richer and more intense version of his epic film about Alexander, the Macedonian king who was one of history's greatest military and political leaders. The screening will be followed by a conversation between Stone and Moving Image Source contributor Matt Zoller Seitz, who, with Kevin B. Lee, created a four-part video essay about Stone's films—including pieces on Nixon and Alexander



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Anthony Hopkins in Nixon, directed by Oliver Stone
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Video: Nixon
Video: Alexander


March 13, 2011 A Day with Oliver Stone


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Kevin B. Lee is editor of the Keyframe journal at Fandor and programming executive at dGenerate Films.

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Matt Zoller Seitz is a writer and filmmaker whose debut feature, the romantic comedy Home, is available through Netflix and Amazon. His writing on film and television has appeared in The New York Times, New York Press, and The Star Ledger, among other places. He is also the founder of The House Next Door, a movie and TV criticism website.

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