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The restless innovations of independent pioneer Shirley Clarke
by David Cairns   posted Jul 14, 2008

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Thanks! I knew there was some controversy about this, hence my "supposedly", since the play was publicised at the time as a work or improvisation, but I didn't have access to exact information about this.
dcairns   posted 17.07.08

For the record, there's nothing (or at least very little) that's improvised about Jack Gelber's dialogue in The Connection; if you check the play as published, it matches the dialogue used in the film. I saw the Living Theatre's amazing original production three times, and the speeches were the same each time around; only the jazz solos were different. Jonathan Rosenbaum
J. Rosenbaum   posted 16.07.08


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Courtesy Edinburgh Film Festival
Shirley Clarke's The Cool World


June 18-29, 2008 In Profile: Shirley Clarke


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